Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Cool Kid

My little stud Brucey!! Isn't he cute?!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Car trouble...

Ugh!! So I get up, get all the kids ready, feed them all breakfast, get lunches ready for Paul and Christian, get the kids in the car...all I hear is "click click click" as I try to turn my car on. I get the kids all out of the car, back inside the house, call Christian in because I can't get him to school and try to figure out what is wrong with my van. Thankfully I have some great friends!! One called me because she didn't see me drop off Christian and said she was on her way to pick him up and take him to school AFTER she had already dropped her own kids off! What a sweetheart. He was very sad at the thought of not being able to go to school. He sat right down at the kitchen table and said he needed to learn. Most kids would have jumped out of their uniform and ran in front of the tv, but not Christian, he said to me "mom, I have to go to school, I need to learn things". Then my friend came back to see if maybe I just needed to be jumped. Neither of us had jumper cables so she went and bought some to use. Didn't help but isn't she great to go to all of this trouble. She even picked up Christian from school and brought him home. Stacy then called me this morning to see if she could take Christian to school for me. She was a HUGE lifesaver for me. I think that my poor dad had to talk to me about 5 million times yesterday. Trying to give me advice over the phone about what might be wrong with my van. I think that I used up all of his minutes for the month. Thanks to all of you who helped me out yesterday. You ROCK!! As of this morning it is now at a repair shop after getting towed there. I hope that there isn't too much wrong with it....

Jameson's First Birthday!

He loves his new push toy!!

"Do you mind mom? I'm eating cake."
Jameson's first birthday cake.
He had a great first birthday. He got to have lots of little friends come over and see him. In our group of friends there were 5 of us that all got pregnant at the same time. There are 6 babies (set of twins) that were all born within a 4 month period. So Jameson gets to have little ones his age to grow up with. It was a blast. He ate pizza (minus cheese) and had cake (minus icing) and got to open his gifts and played with balloons. It was a lot for him on his big day and he took a nap about an hour into it. Oh well, we all know mommy always likes an excuse to have a day with her friends and eat cake. =)